12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

@HemiDenny , @DionR , @75slant6 , check this out! This is another Ride Tech product that come with their Mustang kits. It uses a S550 Mustang hub, so the bolt pattern is 5x4.5. They also have a caliper brackets that will allow the use of the S550 brake components. I'm not seeing these parts listed individually on their webpage, only included in kits. I kinda wish I would have found this earlier. This open options to use a factory Brembo caliper and have parts store availability for replacement parts.

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That’s a pretty cool setup. Never knew they had a kit to replace the strut on a foxbody with an SLA setup. FYI, I did find part numbers in the instructions, but couldn’t find them online for sale. Maybe calling in would make it possible.

The S550 hub just uses a bolt like I guessed, plus some special washers. Doesn’t look too hard to duplicate if I couldn’t buy them separately.

And the S550 hub looks to have a tone ring, which is partly why I started down this road. The Challenger rear hub does not as the axle carries the tone ring.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. I think the S550 hub is the better solution as the bolt pattern matches and it is an off the shelf part as opposed to the CPP hub that would be hard to source on the road. Assuming I don’t find issues when I do the layout, looks like the path to go.

Thanks @racerjoe!!