12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

Thought I'd share some pictures of how I do my own alignment. I first centered the rack by turning it to full lock both directions and taking a measurement from the end of the rod to the frame rail. Simply divide the difference of those two measurements by 2 and that's the measurement for the center. I verified by measuring both sides. Then, I put a piece of tape on the steering column with 3 lines on it and sliced the tape. This makes the center position repeatable during the alignment process. I found by "eyeballing" a straight steering wheel led to it being crooked when I'm done. After doing this, the steering wheel is perfect when driving.
Camber and Caster measurements were done with a digital angle finder and a piece 1" angle iron cut to fit the face of the wheel. The angled tape on the ground indicates 20 degrees in both directions needed for caster measurements. Trash bags with WD40 in them are used as turning plates. It works surprisingly well. The toe plates are just plywood with a section cutout on the bottom for tire bulge and a couple slots for the tape measure. Holes in the corners capture bungee cords. The level is just straightening the board since the tension from the bungees make it bow. I haven't made a wood strong back yet. There you go, it's that simple.