383 power upgrade help

Hello to everyone that sees this! I have a 383 out of a 67 newport bored .30 over flat top pistons with 516 heads I believe they are untouched but I don't know for sure , I am looking for advice on what kind of heads I should get I want to go aluminum but I need to here everyone's opinions and what they think is best this will be going into a 73 Duster paired with a OD 4 speed I don't need a lot of power but enough to have fun and sound good It will be daily driven to school and back so not too much. Id also like to know if anyone can suggest a good cam I here all kinds of mixed opinions on comp cams vs Hughes but I wanted to go with Hughes whiplash cam if possible. Thank you for all of your time and patience im fairly new to this I am also only 17
Afford the best cylinder head you can and top it with a rpm intake (For the street) and a 750, add headers.

Where do your pistons sit in the cylinder? How far down? This is a key item to know. This could help guide you to the heads cc chamber amount.

Your bore size maybe a limitation to valve size.

That and welcome aboard!