383 power upgrade help

I haven’t had set of the CNC’d stealths here since the porting has been moved away from MCH…….so I can’t comment on them.
I’ve had several people talk to me about prepping a set of those, but to this point…….the money hasn’t made sense for that to happen yet.

Along with the prep and parts upgrades that were being discussed, it started getting close to the cost of TF240’s.

I agree with the idea of optimizing what’s there already(516’s), and going with a cam that’s in the low 220’s, and a set of headers.

The pistons being flat tops doesn’t help much.
They could still be way down the hole.
I’d want to know exactly what I had in that dept before I ordered heads or a cam.
For example, a Silvolite 1271 in an uncut block is down the hole about .085”.
Those pistons used with 80cc heads and .020” gasket puts you at about 8.5:1.
Okay thank you for your experience and information that will definitely help