383 power upgrade help

Trick Flow advertises them to fit the 383, 400, and 440 so I believe they do when i first looked at getting aluminum heads I didn't know that they can't just be slapped right on wish they could I also do not know how much it would cost to have them checked i don't need to have them ported do I? another reason I want aluminum heads is because TTI's full length 3 inch headers say they fit all the aluminum heads we've mentioned and 906 452 915 but did not mention 516 heads
I got a set of TF 240's for my 440 build. The builder was very impressed by the quality right out of the box. The valve job compared to other heads he's seen was excellent. I went with Harland-Sharp 1.6 rockers and a solid roller cam for my build. He said the valve spring pressure was too stout for my street driving so we changed that but left the titanium retainers on them. I'm using the Edelbrock Performer w/quick fuel 780 VS carb. Gearing is 3.23 w/TF 727 and rear Nitto 255/50/17. Great street package.