How do I find members in my local area (FL Panhandle)?

I have a 1971 318 that I’m ready to have rebuilt. I’d be perfectly happy with an engine that performed like it did when I drove it off the car lot in 1971. I don’t know how to find a reputable shop to do the rebuild in my area and thought it would be good if I could find a way to reach out to other Mopar people in my local area (I live mid-way between Pensacola and Panama City FL)

For what it’s worth - the engine was rebuilt in Panama City, FL 30 years and 60,000 miles ago and it still runs great. I’m tired of the oil drips and figure there’s no reason to spend the money to replace gaskets and not go ahead with a rebuild.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

Common oil leaks 318:

Valve Cover Gaskets

I seal the new Cork gaskets with thin coat of RTV black silicone gasket maker all sides and surfaces. Pre clean metal surfaces with Brake Parts Cleaner to remove any oil film.

Install valve covers and let cure over night. No Leaks, running down everywhere.

Oil sending unit back by distributor at the top of bell housing, can easily leak.

Replace with new, then
No Leaks.

Fuel pump gasket can leak, replace with new gasket if leaking.

Snug up your oil pan mounting bolts, they loosen up from expansion and contraction of engine heat cycles.

Front Harmonic Balancer seal. Replace as needed.

All this can be done with the engine in the car.