Aftermarket block street strokers.

So with the 400 block the 470 seems to be the street strokers with the wrist pins out of the ring lands and the extra support of the skirts. At least it seems that way for most, some always disagree. That's cool.

My question is with regards to the 4.5 bore aftermarket 440 blocks.

How much stroke can a builder get with the RB before the pistons get too short for the street considering the conditions mentioned above?
My 470 has a 6.700 bbc rod & 1.320 ch pistons.
The pin is in the rings. That is not an issue at all.
If however you run the short rod version you will have a slightly taller piston. It's .160 difference.
One thing I would say for any new engine, not necessary but it makes a difference. Send your pistons to "line to line coatings" that stuff works very well.