383 power upgrade help

Man, yall are just makin this SO dang hard when it does't have to be. Just build up a stone stock blueprinted 383HP engine and call it a day. Blueprinted = what the factory did NOT do. That includes decking the block to the factory spec and making it squared with the crank centerline. Have the crank ground and indexed. That means every crank throw is exactly the same. Get the heads milled so the chambers are all the same size. Use a set of the Speed Pro HP pistons so they come up in the bore good and tall at TDC. Use the STOCK spec Road Runner cam. Get a distributor with a good, loose advance curve. Bolt on an Edelbrock RPM intake, Quick Fuel 750 mechanical secondary (double pumper) and a set of headers. The stock factory torque rating on the 383HP is 425 LB FT. That's FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE POUND FEET. With the above machining techniques and added bolt ons with the good ignition curve, you will be all over 500 LB FT from a basically stock 383, with GREAT street manners and vacuum out the BUTT to run power brakes. WHY do it any other way?