383 power upgrade help

Check the in a called height on the springs and then remove and test them at inst height and then desired cam lift, as well as coil bind clearance.
The pistons look like 9.2-1 silvolites or something else, down in the hole .020 or so...? Either way, they'll work.
Flat tappet Cam in the 225-235 @.050 ..277-282adv
Something narrow to build cylinder psi is what I'd go with.
If the bores are good.. leave the bottom end alone. If they're re rung revisited ... them bore n hone, new pistons, start over.
Definitely up the exhaust valve, mild porting maybe, good valve job for sure.
De burr the chamber edges.
Flip the motor.and with each positioned at tdc.. scrape the crap off.
Just a thought
Thank you for your support I’ll get the numbers to the pistons and scrape the carbon off the top of em