Comp's XE Cams

I don't disagree, however tire height can play a factor. With a 27 or 28" tire, you can easily get away with 3.55's. Additionally, a 4 speed, or lock up auto make a difference.
True. Though it allows you to get away with only so much. While the difference is huge between a stock 24& change height tire & a 28 inch tire, this also leads to a compromise somewhere.
One thing about gearing without OD, it is a game of calculated compromises.
Absolutely! The first year drop is big, 2->3 is normal, OD is a bit of a drop but fine IMO for that Hwy / Interstate cruise speed. A compromise I can live with.
You guys talk about the use of an overdrive transmission, which one, what year?
An early linkage activated, Hyd. early version, the A-500.
You do not want the electrical avtivated OD since a computer is needed though I’m sure someone has figured out how to get around it.

If it works s a manual trans, the MoPar 4spd OD is about the same gear ratios within and will feel about the same.

Both “3rd” gear ratios are a 1:1 drive.