Unported head quickness?

Hopefully untouched, out of the box cnc TF's qualify for this thread....

73 Duster, 3200# (estimated give or take a few pounds), 408 stroker, 12.5:1 CR, .660 lift 258/264 @ .050 solid roller, TF heads and intake, Thumper 4150 carb, TF727 with 5800 PTC converter, 4.30 gear on a 29x10.50w Hoosier, 3600 DA, high elevation track, soft launch (2000rpm) off foot brake shifting at 7000. Hedman Hustler headers with 1 7/8" primaries and 3.5" collector through a complete 3" fabricated stainless steel exhaust with x-pipe, mandrel bends and Dynomax UltraFlow mufflers. 10.82 @ 123 mph

The more I think about it, the more I am pleased with how the car performed, especially since this was the first time out with a brand new build and the fact that we did zero tuning. Running a little rich but decided to leave it alone. Made one adjustment on the rear shocks and caltracs since it was wadding up the tire on the hit. This car will run a mid 10 at our home track with very little tuning and probably dip into the .40's.