Opinions on a new dash bezel

So Ive been looking at new dash bezels for my 70 Swinger and I've found a couple online and I'm wondering about the quality.
The first is from Classic Industries and runs $830 USD found here https://www.classicindustries.com/product/ma577.html
The second is from B/E Restoration Parts and is quite a bit cheaper at $495 USD found here: Mopar Restoration Parts, B/E & A Restoration, Mike Ross, New New Stock
Has anyone dealt with these companies for a bezel? Cheaper is not always better Ive found
Thanks for any help/opinions :)
Here is the one I bought from PG Classics. Complete kit with lenses, bezel, glove box trim and I had the dash pads done by Just dashes.

Assembly was straightforward and everything fit nicely.

Excellent quality.

One thing to keep in mind, the metal attaching plate on the top of the Rallye Gauge Bezel doesn't come with it so you will have to reuse your old one.

Also, keep the red , green and Brake lenses from your old bezel.

The new ones offered are not nearly as clear as the factory ones.