Things Change.. Butters is now getting a 392

Few things over the weekend..

Wiring is pretty much done. Added a junction block in the trunk for the Holley fuel pump pigtail. Finished up the battery relocation.. Decided to go bigger cable. Welded some bolts to the frame for ground straps. And moved on to heating and cooling. Waiting on hoses to test fit. Bottom hose is goofy!

Today at work, I went ahead and fab'd the top radiator brackets. Also had some firewall (core support) bulkhead show up for the AC and the new condenser.

Nearing the finish line. Realistically, I should be able to put the fuel tank in, slap on the mids (with 02s) and bump it over.. Soon. Then I need to get to deciding what direction I want to go with the rear end... 8.8 or 8-3/4. 8.8 is definitely cheaper but that'll require a wheel change etc. The drum ones are hard to find. I did get offered a 8-3/4 for $550 complete minus center section... Sigh

Sorry for crappy pics.. Broke the lens cover on my phone