Tire Size 68 Barracuda

I’m going to have to measure bc I’m not sure. I’m not fluent in this topic as many of you guys so I’m doing my best. Here is my car now. Definitely would like to put 245 in the rear but again, not sure if they’d rub or not.

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Hi guys

I have a 68 Barracuda Notchback.

8 3/4 rear end. Stock leaf springs.

What are the biggest tires I can fit front and back without any rubbing issues. No modifications.
The front I run 205 70 15 and the rear i run 15x7 with 4.25 backspace small bolt pattern 255 60 15 anything bigger than that it looks like a hot wheel lol

Hit up Collins wheels ask for Carlos he can make you any width and back space small bolt or big bolt pattern he is is bell flower tell him Moe sent you!