Tire Size 68 Barracuda

Just got the front end done. Now measuring for rims and tires.
68 fastback
Front 73+ slider disc brake conversion (rotor hat to hat 58 7/8) and Hellwig sway bar. All bushings new and stock.
Rear 54 1/4 B body 8 3/4 with dic brake conversion ( rotor hat to hat 60”)
Was thinking Torq Thurst M chrome 17x 8s with 5.68 bs 235/45/17 ft and 255/45/17 rear.
I think by my calculations it should work. Any input would be great. Or even other options/ suggestions.
Thanks all !
Toying with burnt copper calipers. Input lol.

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Backspacing on the wheels is pretty much spot on front and rear. The back should be fine with the 65-67 B-rear and disks with the stock spring locations. You can probably go wider in the back pretty easily.

In the front the 5.68” backspace is right at the limit of what will clear the outer tie rod end. It will depend on the actual design of the rim, but if it’s close it won’t take much of a spacer to clear it.

The 235/45/17 will fit the car easily, you can go wider and taller if you wanted.