67 Dart 273 swap to 383

Ok. Likely too many beers and too many dreams, but..... My 67 Dart GT 273 is having oiling issues, that I haven't had time to diagnose. When all of a sudden, a guy calls me up and wants to sell me a good running low mileage 68 383 4-bbl motor for $600.

I did some quick internet searching, and found 440source has motor mounts and oil pan. now I am thinking, that sounds easy.

Then I find Accurate exhaust lists head pipes for A-body using B-body manifolds?!?!. Does this actually work??
I do have a few sets of b-body hp manifolds....sound too good to be true.

I have a big block 727 in storage....

Then I find something about power steering would be tight, and AC out of the question. Next I see AC "can" be done.

My confusion and indecisiveness kick in and I am left wondering if this really doable? (Keeping my AC and P.S. of course).

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**** the A/C, open your windwings, the little beer/weed hiding vent doors, and step on the fuckin gas!
You will want to get yourself some of these too. I think @hemi71x has some for sale.
You may want to look for some Schumacher tri-y headers.