12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

I expect I will be doing sliders on my '73 when I replace the rear axle. Plenty to do before then but it's been in the back of my mind recently. Curious to hear if you notice a difference in the handling.
Knowing what I know now, sliders are the only way to go if you want improved handling. It's a very noticeable change and its super simple to adapt them, so why not do it?

Planning on hitting the autox on 3/10, weather permitting. I should have a good idea then. There's only so much I can do on the street to test turning fast. Hitting roundabouts at 50mph is fun, but I could do that before.
I received my tire pyrometer also, so I'll be collecting more data that day as well. I'd like to get the alignment and tire pressures more dialed in. I may not need as much static camber now that I have a fair amount of camber gain. Tire temps will show me what I need to change, if anything.