12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

Hey, just an idea to think about.

I guess the E46 BMW ABS module is the hot ticket for ABS retrofits and I see them discussed a fair amount for the Corvette guys. I know you said your front hubs don’t have a tone ring, but you could get some if you wanted and would be half way there to do this.

They use a Teves MK60 setup which has zero interaction with the rest of the car so they are really easy to retrofit. Drawback is the hot ticket M3 module is pulling 4 digits in cost, but I guess there are some other modules that can be flashed and I suspect they show up in the pick and pull yards still.

I only bring it up because I saw one guy slide through a corner at the Optima meet in Vegas and a guy standing there with me said “the biggest difference between the older cars and newer cars on the track is ABS”. And in reading on this swap, I guess it can be huge to have a good ABS setup on a car.

Here is a thread if you wanted some light reading:

Standalone ABS Installs (MK60 and More)

I’ve been working at getting a ‘10 Challenger ABS module setup for my G3 swap but just for a speed output so CC works. But I have since discovered they used a Teves MK25e setup so might explore a full ABS swap. I doubt even the SRT tune is as good as an M3 though.