12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

Hey, just an idea to think about.

I guess the E46 BMW ABS module is the hot ticket for ABS retrofits and I see them discussed a fair amount for the Corvette guys. I know you said your front hubs don’t have a tone ring, but you could get some if you wanted and would be half way there to do this.

They use a Teves MK60 setup which has zero interaction with the rest of the car so they are really easy to retrofit. Drawback is the hot ticket M3 module is pulling 4 digits in cost, but I guess there are some other modules that can be flashed and I suspect they show up in the pick and pull yards still.

I only bring it up because I saw one guy slide through a corner at the Optima meet in Vegas and a guy standing there with me said “the biggest difference between the older cars and newer cars on the track is ABS”. And in reading on this swap, I guess it can be huge to have a good ABS setup on a car.

Here is a thread if you wanted some light reading:

Standalone ABS Installs (MK60 and More)

I’ve been working at getting a ‘10 Challenger ABS module setup for my G3 swap but just for a speed output so CC works. But I have since discovered they used a Teves MK25e setup so might explore a full ABS swap. I doubt even the SRT tune is as good as an M3 though.
Honestly never thought of ABS before. I knew there were aftermarket systems out there that cost a small fortune. I'll do some nerding out on this.

Speaking of nerding out, I was trying to think of a scientific way to come up with the correct camber and caster. The problem is I would need more sensors than I have available inputs on my ECU. Here's my idea:
Install shock travel sensors at each corner, a 4 axis inclinometer to measure body roll on X and Y axis, and steering angle sensor. Combine all this data along with wheel speed and I should be able to compare it to camber curves to determine what angle the tire needs to be so that it is always as close to flat on the ground as possible. I'm not sure if the values would be linear or not, but it would be fun. However, I likely won't do it because sensors aren't cheap, nor is an IO add on module. Therefore, the $60 tire pyrometer will do....