12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

Could you load the chassis somehow to creat the same attitude? I guess it would take some chains to pull one side down and maybe a couple of jacks to lift the other side. But if so, maybe it would give you some hits as to what the tire is actually doing.

In the end though, I would bet the pyrometer is the better and easier way to go. Seems like it is a pretty proven methodology.
I don't have a method to do that, but it wouldn't be accurate anyway. I need to know how much it actually rolls under real world conditions. The LCA bumps are only around 1" away from contacting the limits and it doesn't appear they have bottomed out. I need to put a dab of grease on it to see if they actually touch. I don't remember what my compression limit was, maybe 2-2.5" of travel at the wheel. If it isn't touching, I'd say body roll is under control! I have video of the suspension moving before the longer UBJs and it moved a lot! I'll do another video to compare.