340 duster 4 speed clutch pedal?

You can stop the pedal wherever you want and then reset the freeplay.
By setting the "freeplay" you are actually adjusting the "clutch departure which is usually set to around .080; but this can vary with clutch type and personal preference. Departure is the only measurement to be concerned about.
After you get where you like it, just figure out the minimum pedal-travel required for a clean shift and there is no need to depress any further. As the disc wears, the pedal travel will increase. At the top of the pedal travel, where it parks, is OFF the fingers. It doesn't have to come off much, but it does have to, else the TO bearing will wear out prematurely.
In neutral with the engine running, Try putting it into reverse. If it grinds, the main drive is spinning. Something may be wrong. It could be that the clutch-disc is spinning from lack of departure or it is warped, or not running concentric with the crankshaft. Or it could simply be that the trans oil is real thin, and you have to wait a half a sec.
When I select reverse, to not have it grind; I push the pedal down a lil further than usual, then I hesitate, and then I jam it in there! .................. cuz I'm running a 50/50 mix of Dextron-II and 85/90 Gear oil, which when hot is pretty runny.. and I run a pretty tight freeplay/pretty tight departure, just enough of each, to get the job done.
How do adjust the pedal where I want it when it hits the rubber stop that's as far as it goes.at that point it sit above the brake pedal almost an inch