Shorty Headers

One year, later ……

What do you guys think about this combo? I have a 73 440-4spd Duster. I have TTI step headers on the shelf and 1.03” t-bars.
MY concern is fit and not power. I have an LD340/224* @.050” HFT, z and O heads. In the future I may be making more hp and cam with a change to ported iron heads and Air Gap. I don’t care to make over that.

The goal is handling so I will be going with large diameter t-bars, which is my concern. Turns out you don’t need 500 hp to be any more competitive on an auto-cross course. Where the power is will be more important.

I want: access in the engine bay, clearance of the torsion bars.

A big question I have is are the step headers going to be worth shoehorning in to place and dealing with clearancing tubes and modifications to the z-bar?

In light of my power goals are long tubes really necessary? And for that matter, are short headers going to be better in any way that manifolds.

Realistically, 350-375 hp will probably be the most horsepower my engine may get to.