Shorty Headers

i say if you can get the step headers to fit to your liking use them. picking up some precious torque in the midrange and getting some horsepower when you're legging it out instead of shifting on the course might be worth fractions of a second.

i wouldn't say that headers would be "necessary" for your application and intended power goals, but i would certainly recommend it, or 340 manifolds if you've got those on the shelf.

will shorties be better than manifolds, sure but not by a wide margin. it's up to you to decide if that margin is worth 7~800 bucks.
Thanks, The money isn't a big issue as I have the NIB TTi step headers and could sell those and buy shorties for a break-even deal. BUT, shorties sound like they are good for ONE thing and it aint power gains. They simply appeal to me because, weight and it more clearance.
Are Shorty headpipes going to be the same sink drain looking mess as my manifolds or do they improve over stock in that area? Once upon I time I had the engine/trans/k-member/torsion bars mocked up on a k-frame dolly. The bars were 1.24" and I mocked up my 1-5/8 steps and major tube manipulation appeared to be in order. Granted those are the biggest bars they make and I will now be getting 1.18" bars. My original intent was to use this combo on a 550 hp engine. The headers were going to be at the top of their limit for gains. That car was ruined so I am putting my efforts into a lower powered car where the step headers may be too much. Thoughts?