Strip Dominator and M1

My buddy bought an unmodified Victor340 for 200.00. I asked for a few pictures. He was in Erie Pa checking out work being done on his duster and internet is very sketchy. He messed up and made a mistake of sending me some Strip Dominator pictures and never touching one before was shocked to see how close the plenum looked like the M1 I worked on last winter. Is the Strip Dominator ment to be a copy of the M1.
I think the strip dominator was on the market from Holley well before the M1.
I always thought the m1 was a clone or refinement of the strip. I bought a w2 Strip dominator in the late 80,s when it and the dual tunnel ram were the only good intake for those heads back then. Kind of like the w5 and the Indy 360-1 are refinements of the original w2.