Strip Dominator and M1

I am not saying that that Trick Flow is not making money and I am not saying that there in not a solid market for their products on the Chrysler side.

I am simply saying that they may be making sales before they produce a product.

I’m not sure what is going on in this country right now. I’m on my third month of waiting for Pak springs and retainers for one set of heads. And another customer couldn’t find comp springs for over two months and ended up buying a set I had here that I really didn’t want to sell. This is probably my last year of taking on head work. It’s taking the wind out of my sails to even work on these heads. I’ll probably take some manifold work because they are in and out and get paid. Between buying a few sets of Speedmaster heads and porting and selling them and some LS heads I’d probably be better off.