Some snags with my conversion

Verified measurment of pilot to crank. Trans goes in without bell on, but it does seem tight at the end. Alignment tool goes in with zero effort. Made the guide 'pins' out of bolts. Got to same place and it feels like hitting a wall after the splines make contact with clutch. Turned flyewheel with the flywheel tool (love this thing!), still no.

I am thinking that the tightness of trans going in when bell is off is the clue, I am not in perfect alignment despite the tool saying it is. That McLeod tool is really junky for the cost of their clutches? I am going to see if a local guy has a junk input shaft to test with to see if its just out of alignment.

Really, what else could it be??

I am out of town for a week so maybe I will have an idea while I am away lol