6.1 Hemi with Hellcat SC

That's awesome of you to shed some light on this. I'm sure I'm not the only one to think of that. I happened to pick up a 6.1 in terrific shape through trading B/RB parts, and I'm being told that people find it easier to retro fit them into our older muclecars, I'm thinking would look nice under the hood of my Duster

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Nice car!

I love the look of the G3 in an old car. Some don’t, but I do. And the 6.1 is the one that turned me onto them. Funny thing is, I’m doing a 5.7 into a 73, but with the 6.4 intake.

I suspect the idea that a 6.1 is easier is because they don’t have VVT or an SRV intake. But beyond that, not sure any of them are really easier than another. An early (‘08 and older) 5.7 has the same advantage in that it doesn’t have VVT or SRV.

Personal opinion, I think the 6.1 is like a 340. Built as a performance engine, rev’s higher, just more fun to drive. But this is based on what others have said, not experience. So take it for what it’s worth.