Rewiring my EFI Magnum - 1970 Dart Swinger

Any more opinions on how I should configure the buttons and switch?

I spent way too much time last night figuring out how the cruise switches need to be wired. This is the only case where the 1994 Ram factory service manual has failed me. The wiring schematics (there are 2 drawings) for the vehicle speed control system don't show exactly how the factory switches are wired, and in some respects what it does show is incorrect. Also, the troubleshooting section for the factory switches doesn't say which wires go to which connector pin; it just tells you which pins should have continuity.

After literally hours of messing around and looking through the manual for some clues, I came across this little image in the EFI section that shows a simplified diagram of how everything connects to the PCM. This stupid little diagram showed me exactly what I needed; how the switches are wired together, which ones are normally open, and which ones are normally closed.