12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

Here's a couple glamour shots of the 5.7. I tried "Motor Coater" engine paint this time. They advertise it as being a brush on paint that flows the brush strokes out. There was no way I was painting this with a brush. There are way too many spots that would be impossible to reach with a brush. So I just mixed it up with some reducer and harder I had and sprayed it. This paint laid out awesome and coverage was very good. Highly recommend this brand paint.
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Also nearly finished my harness. That's a high temp "loom" in the valley. I'll likely add a p clamp to hold it in place to prevent strain on any connectors. All I have left to do on the harness is install the 47 pin Deutsch connector so it plugs into my existing firewall receptacle. I do need to add the coil drivers, but otherwise, electrically, it will be plug and play.

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Very nice!