12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

So everyone knows the challenges with G3 engine mounts for an A body swap. I don't ever recall seeing anyone share photos of the HDK mount fitment. Note this is clearly on an engine stand and the mounts may need to be adjusted to fit the K.

So this is obviously the left side. Note early 5.7 low mount AC compressor fits without any modification. These are TTI headers and they clear everything so far.

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This is the closest point of "contact". I think I could fit a feeler gauge in there. Note the HDK mounts are adjustable on the block side. I have this mount set to have the engine in the most rearward position. Obviously I can't move this any further forward without modification to something. I'll likely trim the mount to give the compressor some more breathing room. I actually mounted the compressor after the mounts and it went in just fine. I didn't even notice how close it was until after it was pulled full tight.

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OK, right side. One thing I love about this is I can still use the factory oil filter location.

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Mount looks super close here. Also note, mounts setup to have engine pushed back as much as possible.

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Close up on the close spot. It's actually about 1/16" gap right there, which will get slightly larger once I have the gaskets on the headers. I could pull the mount forward to get more clearance here, but then the other side would need to crash into the compressor.
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since it is not going in immediately, I will send you the new HDK RH mount where I addressed the clearance issue on both spots. I will have to look (it has been a while) but I think I updated the LH mount also reducing the flange bracket that sticks out. I will have to check in the morning.