water pump

Yup, post photos of your old pump and the new one. There are a couple of different LOOKING impellers, but, they should work the same unless this is some oddball marine or industrial application. Some impellers are just a simple stamped steel one whereas there are some cast iron ones out there too. Also, there are 6 blade and 8 blade impellers depending on whether you're car has A/C or not. In many cases, they only carry the 8 blade version to fit everything. That will usually work, but, not always.....especially if some of the pulleys have been changed and are of a different diameter now than when they had stock pulleys. Originally, the A/C cars used the 6 blade and the non-A/C cars had the 8 blade. I know, this seems backwards, but, the A/C pulleys were smaller in diameter and were spun faster than their non-A/C equivalent which used the 8 blade, but, spun slower with it's larger diameter pulley. This made both systems attain the same water flow. Sometimes if you spin an 8 blade too fast, it will cavitate and foam up the coolant causing an over heat condition. The same over heat condition can happen with turning a 6 blade pump too slow, but at least it won't foam up the coolant. The bottom line is that it's best to match the correct pump/impeller with the proper crank and water pump pulleys.