Rewiring my EFI Magnum - 1970 Dart Swinger

I didn't really want to re-engineer the bracket, so I'm going to use this. GM brake switch from the 1990s. It has 2 terminals for the brakes, 2 for the cruise, and I think 2 for ABS. That's what is on the Dodge brake switches, and the switching is the same: 1 normally closed for the brakes, and 2 normally open for the cruise and ABS.

The key thing for me is that the round threaded part fits through the round hole on the A body bracket. It also helps that I was able to order the connectors, although I didn't order the 2 prong connector for the brakes. It was $35 which I think is a bit much, considering I can use standard spade terminals basically for free. And the switch itself only cost $8! The 4 pin connector, which has much smaller terminals and would therefore be harder to jerry rig, was "only" $25.