Rewiring my EFI Magnum - 1970 Dart Swinger

I didn't really want to re-engineer the bracket, so I'm going to use this. GM brake switch from the 1990s. It has 2 terminals for the brakes, 2 for the cruise, and I think 2 for ABS. That's what is on the Dodge brake switches, and the switching is the same: 1 normally closed for the brakes, and 2 normally open for the cruise and ABS.

The key thing for me is that the round threaded part fits through the round hole on the A body bracket. It also helps that I was able to order the connectors, although I didn't order the 2 prong connector for the brakes. It was $35 which I think is a bit much, considering I can use standard spade terminals basically for free. And the switch itself only cost $8! The 4 pin connector, which has much smaller terminals and would therefore be harder to jerry rig, was "only" $25.

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I used an F-Body brake switch when I did my CC retrofit, but everything else was F-Body as well so it made sense. Worked with the stock bracket and gave me a NO brake light switch and a NC CC switch. No idea how many circuits you need though so not sure it is another option.

I should add that best I can tell you can't buy the F-Body switch anymore, so finding a option like you did might be the only path now.

Cool thing for the G3 swap is, I think I just have to send a 12v signal to kill the CC so the single connection on the stock switch should work for me. But more researched needed as I've only looked that topic over quickly and might be missing something.

I did grab a brake switch out of an early 90's Dakota for the clutch switch though. It has 3 circuits (I think) and pretty sure it used the same round threaded mounting setup as the stock brake switch and the GM switch you are using.


Just other ideas.