Rewiring my EFI Magnum - 1970 Dart Swinger

I got the brake switch all wired in and tested. Still not sure about the connector for the brake lights, I might drop the $35 and buy it. Probably not. I also got all the wires run under the carpet towards the console. The blue wire you see is my shift indicator light, and the red one is ignition power I was using to run the OD and lockup. I still need those and I didn't feel like messing with them, so I left them alone.

But the power wire won't be used for the transmission anymore. It was going through the floor to the transmission, but with the new harness I'll have the transmission wired up more like a factory Magnum setup where the wires run over top of the transmission from the engine bay. I'll be using the old power wire to power the cruise system and the lights for the switches in the console.