Rewiring my EFI Magnum - 1970 Dart Swinger

Scope creep is something that happens in my work where you start a project and things keep getting added to the project along the way. "While I'm in there, I might as well do the XXXX too..." I'm suffering from some serious scope creep right now.

Ever since I did the EFI swap I had always run a shunt wire from the alternator to the battery, so the ammeter wasn't doing anything. I decided I wanted tie the ammeter red and black together and get it totally out of the mix. Well if I'm going to remove the cluster I might as well see if I can convert the ammeter to a volt meter, right? Also, I bought some LED strip lights several years ago thinking I would try to improve the lighting in the gauge cluster. Might as well do that too. My fuel gauge was getting a little wonky lately, only reading when I had the headlights on, so hopefully I can figure that out while I'm in there.

The Sunpro volt meter is apparently the one to use, but I did some reading and saw some guys say Bosch bought Sunpro and rebranded the products. This has the same 8215 in the part number that the Sunpro does, so I thought I would give it a try. Free returns through the jungle website anyway, so I wouldn't be stuck with it.


BTW, as a guy that ordered mail order parts through magazine ads back in the day, the jungle website is amazing. Ordered this at 10:30 pm, Friday night (Good Friday, which is a holiday in Canada) and delivered noon on Saturday.