Countershaft bushings in an 833 OD aluminum case

I have read that article before and wondered if the modification was necessary if there is no wear in that area. I also believe that only the front of the case is the area that would beat out if the tranny saw a lot of abuse. The OD trans also has a super low 3.09 first gear and I believe the Passon OD first gear is a 2.66 which I would think might put less presssure on the case. I am going to be running a slightly built 5.9 magnum with the factory MPFI with 3.55 gears in a 71 Dart . If I had a heavy car with a BB I probably would beef it for sure with the modded case bushing but now from the response of 72bluNblu I side with him on maybe it is a bit of overkill. I will also ask Jamie his opinion on the steel bushing mod.