Countershaft bushings in an 833 OD aluminum case

I have read that article before and wondered if the modification was necessary if there is no wear in that area. I also believe that only the front of the case is the area that would beat out if the tranny saw a lot of abuse. The OD trans also has a super low 3.09 first gear and I believe the Passon OD first gear is a 2.66 which I would think might put less presssure on the case. I am going to be running a slightly built 5.9 magnum with the factory MPFI with 3.55 gears in a 71 Dart . If I had a heavy car with a BB I probably would beef it for sure with the modded case bushing but now from the response of 72bluNblu I side with him on maybe it is a bit of overkill. I will also ask Jamie his opinion on the steel bushing mod.
if you have it all apart and access to a machine shop/machinist friend that could do the work on the cheap, i'd say go ahead and "future proof" it. but if the shaft isn't all sloppy in the hole like kicking a hotdog down a hallway, then i say throw some schmoo on it and ship it.

with a light car and not a boat load of torque down town i wouldn't particularly worry about it.

very few of the A/F body units i've seen were beat up real bad, but almost all the truck/van ones showed some level of "getting there" with the weebles about to wobble right on out and take all the magic with them.

don't go side steppin' the clutch and try not to bang into 4th with too much verve and it should last just fine.