5.9 magnum flywheel for factory MPFI

I am trying to find out if anyone knows of a Magnum 5.9 flywheel that is available with the tone wheel already on it to trigger the factory MPFI. From what I have seen, American Powertrain used to have one available with the trigger wheel on it but it is no longer available. I was wondering if someone has maybe taken an 11 inch clutch flywheel ( 143 tooth ) and had it machined down to accept a 130 tooth ring gear. I suppose you would also have to redrill it to accept a 10 1/2 pressure plate bolt pattern but I would rather skip all that if anyone knows of an off the shelf flywheel that is available somewhere. If there is no ready made flywheel then I would like to hear of how if anybody else has had to overcome this problem what they did to make a factory EFI setup work behind a 4 speed.