Looking for a quality liquid filled gauge

I am looking for a quality liquid filled gauge for my fuel pressure regulator under my hood. The gauge would be A- 1/8" NPT back mount gauge with a 0-15PSI range. I purchased several from speedway and have had a 50% failure rate (with only a few hundred miles) guessing when purchased that the $29.00 price tag was really not a good choice. They not only have to withstand the vibration abuse but the heat is another factor as failure of this component could certainly lead up to a fire!!!!!!!!!!!
I have 2 of these fuel pressure set ups under my hood - One for the carburetor plus another fuel pressure regulator set up under my hood for my Nitrous Oxide set up on the gasoline side of my conventional plate so running any of these gauges from Speedway has me spooked.
Quality gauges in both of these applications is a must!!!!!!!!!!!!! The heat factor & vibration factors are major considerations. Please advise as to what brand etc....you are running
As always thanks in advance. Texas Red