5.9 magnum flywheel for factory MPFI

I did some searching and didn't find anyone using a dual sync distributor for the stock EFI. Maybe @jbc426 has more info?

I looked at a dual sync distributor years ago and ran across one from FAST that looked like it might work but it was just a maybe. Looks like FAST is gone and not sure if the Holley one is the same one or not. I do know it will need to use a hall effect sensor for both, not sure what the Holley uses.

FYI, Mopar looked at marketing a dual sync for their EFI swap offerings but it didn't get past a mention in the catalog. I ended up talking to an engineer who has some knowledge about them and he said they required some custom tuning tools to get the distributor setup correctly and so they dropped it.
I'm going through a similar situation, and the dual sync is plug and play with the Holley Terminaor X Max with CNP ignition I'm running this time.

I assumed the signal it puts out via Hall Effect Sensors could be used instead of the factory crank position sensor. I didn't look at the wiring diagram for the factory EFI. There are only one or two wired coming from the crank sensor.

Who are you going to have tune your factory jtek ECM?