Rewiring my EFI Magnum - 1970 Dart Swinger

Here's how my cluster is wired. Definitely some non-standard wiring here:

- External voltage regulator, instead of the one that would be in the fuel gauge. My fuel gauge was dead so I did a fuel gauge replacement a few years ago where I put the rallye face and pointer on a gauge from a 70s Jeep; same pod as the Mopar gauge, the same resistance values, and the same spacing between the posts.
- Jumper from the fuel gauge power over to my "new" oil pressure gauge.
- 12 volt power from the additional connection on the external voltage regulator for my voltmeter.
- Notice the wires coming out of the cluster for the LED strip lights.
- Those are wired into cluster lights you see on the right (left side when looking at the gauges). When I did the fuel gauge mod I had that pin for the cluster lights break off the circuit board. It was totally destroyed, so I put those bulb holders in the holes and connected them to the wire that feeds that pin. And for this update I wired the LED strip lights into that same power connection.