Rewiring my EFI Magnum - 1970 Dart Swinger

Thanks for the mention Mike! Lol I just realized I have an old used oem sender I should have put in the box with it.
Nice work! The guages dash fsce is constantly "in your face" so the better they work and look the better.
Here's today's good guy alert.

The Magnum oil pressure sender uses the same resistance values as the old gauges, so I decided I would try get the factory oil pressure gauge working. I have a mechanical Autometer gauge, but I figured since the factory gauge is there and I already have a "T" on the oil pressure port in the block I might as well give it a try. Well, it turns out my gauge was dead. I checked to see if anyone on the forum had posted one for sale recently, and sure enough @4spdragtop did.

I reach out and ask him about it, and what does this guy do? He tests the gauge he has and just sends it to me, no questions asked. What an awesome guy!!

That really helps restore my faith in Mopar guys. Back in the 90s when I started putting this car together I feel like Mopar guys used to help each other out like that. My brand X buddies would always complain about how everyone is trying to make tons of money on brand X parts, but I always had Mopar guys willing to let stuff go cheap if they knew I would use it. In recent years that has changed, it seems now everyone is looking for top dollar for their parts. So, many thanks to Steve for helping me out and restoring my faith in the Mopar community!

Here's the gauge he sent me before I painted the pointer to match my other gauges:

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Here's how my cluster is wired. Definitely some non-standard wiring here:

- External voltage regulator, instead of the one that would be in the fuel gauge. My fuel gauge was dead so I did a fuel gauge replacement a few years ago where I put the rallye face and pointer on a gauge from a 70s Jeep; same pod as the Mopar gauge, the same resistance values, and the same spacing between the posts.
- Jumper from the fuel gauge power over to my "new" oil pressure gauge.
- 12 volt power from the additional connection on the external voltage regulator for my voltmeter.
- Notice the wires coming out of the cluster for the LED strip lights.
- Those are wired into cluster lights you see on the right (left side when looking at the gauges). When I did the fuel gauge mod I had that pin for the cluster lights break off the circuit board. It was totally destroyed, so I put those bulb holders in the holes and connected them to the wire that feeds that pin. And for this update I wired the LED strip lights into that same power connection.

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