5.9 magnum flywheel for factory MPFI

Yeah I watched that video but was a little leary of how much register that process left for the flywheel to hang onto. I basically did the same process years ago to a 5.2 flywheel. I had a machine shop mill the back of a flywheel like he did for an interference fit of the trigger wheel. I used a Magnum flex plate to clock the notches to their correct position and installed it. Of course now I have decided to run a 5.9 so the 5.2 flywheel will not work. American Powertrain has 5.9 flywheels with the triggerwheel available but you have to contact them and ask.

The '96+ 5.9 flexplate has the balance weight on it. If I am understanding you correctly, you could locate the later flexplate and use your 5.2 flywheel then.