all I have to say is when buying an old car dont trust anyone about its history

Usually, you don’t need any verbal history about a car to assess what it is, or what it’s not. Cars tell their own tales, and anybody with some knowledge of Mopars can quickly determine things like color, engine size, and possible options based on that info. There are clues all over cars that tell its tale. Also, things that have been changed will also lead you to more clues and facts about the car.

Case in point…..I went to look at this car, a friend of a neighbor. He had no clue about what the car really was, despite him and his brother owning it for the last 42 years. His “buddy”, who also happened to want to buy it from him, told him that he was an appraiser of cars, and put the value at $21k. I asked the owner if he had divulged any information from the buildsheet, which was clearly visible just by opening the trunk. Nope, the guy never even looked at it. It also has some telltale damage and replaced parts up front. The car is a 69, it has a 68 grille and passenger fender. It’s been painted this color for the last 20 years or more. I told him what the car really was, that it had been in a fender bender of sorts and what was changed, and that the quarters in the back had also been worked on. He sheepishly informed me that he in fact had hit the side of his garage when he missed the door putting it away, when he came home drunk about 25 years ago.

69 Spring Special car….A4 buffed silver, vinyl top, bucket seats, and a couple other options that were thrown into the spring special package. Original 383 car, and the motor may be original, and read the build sheet and fender tag to him for the options. Hasn’t been on the road in 15 years, I told him not to take less than $25k, and running and driving would bring it up to $30k-$35k. He wants me to buy it and use my convertible Valiant as partial trade. When the weather gets warmer, I’m driving the convertible down to his house and try to cement the deal!

Bottom line, I know what the car is from simple sleuthing, and general knowledge of Mopars. Chargers are not my favorite Mopar, but I know enough to be informed.