all I have to say is when buying an old car dont trust anyone about its history

This was an actual EBAY encounter. Cream 1966 Barracuda with the half vinyl roof. Photos of the car were excellent but the trees in the background did not match where the seller lived. Eventually had the guy send me a copy of his driver's license as he wanted an electronic bank transfer. The guy's name was really bizarre so I googled it. It came back as some famous European flute player. I turned the guy into EBAY and local law enforcement in the city and state where the bank transfer was to be wired. Law enforcement wanted nothing to do with catching this guy. Ebay took the ad down and he posted a somewhat famous red formula s convertible Barracuda under the same woman's account that he used for the Barracuda and Ebay did not catch it. Long story short he never owned the cars and used known photos to advertise. I realize law enforcement may be busy but staking out a bank for a guy to pick up a transfer would be a pretty simple case to solve and get rid of scammers one by one.