pivot ball alignment

I seem to have an alignment problem here


That is a 734 10-1/2" bellhousing and a Brewer's BSB734 ball stud bracket, which should work on this 71 Duster.

The engine is installed and the trans mount is installed, so I'm pretty sure those are where they should be. The engine mount brackets and biscuits are from Schumacher and are bolted to the back side of the block ears.

The fenderwell side mount seems untouched from the factory.


Were those installed in A/T cars? Because this car has a D31 904 transmission code on the tag.

The car came with some big block bellhousings so is it possible that was added in the wrong place to accommodate a big block at some point in time?

Hopefully someone has ideas on what could be wrong. In the meantime I'm on the hunt for a photo of the wheel well area for an original manual trans car.