Hard downshift from 2nd gear to first. A-833 4-speed.

Hang on boys
we , or maybe just me, needs more information. To whit;
You said;
"So I parked my 68 Barracuda last fall but before I did, I was experiencing difficulty getting the transmission to shift back to first gear from 2nd gear."

So I ask;
1) is this with the car moving?
Now it's a backshift problem or
2) is this with the car stopped?
now it's an engagement issue.
3) since first and second are "in-line" the gate is not involved, and the rod adjustment should be moot. but
4) if the levers have come loose from the studs on the cover, yur stick is gonna have a real hard time of it

Numbers 3 and 4 above are an easy fix
number 2 above is sometimes normal.
number 1 is NOT normal and has more than one cause.

So which is it?

I will NEVER AGAIN try to run synthetic Manual Transmission fluid. I had to take my trans down, and apart, to wash it all out, and then it finally shifted, again. I mean I really really tried to make synthetic work.