Hard downshift from 2nd gear to first. A-833 4-speed.

are you off the gas when changing?
come off completely see how you go and provided you are not free wheeling at 90 i.e you are somewhere in the 20 mph range all should be well.

Or come off to reduce engine rpm to where you think it should be for first, see how you go


double declutch before going into first

clutch down out of second engine spins independent of trans, you are in neutral the road is driving the trans output, and main shaft, but no gear is locked, just idling. Input and counter gear should be near standstill

clutch up engine and input spin the same counter gear spins along as a consequence, but in neutral so no locked speed gear, just idling along on the spinning main shaft
if engine rpm is sensible for first, clutch down and into first

this doesn't provide perfect synchronisation but you help it on its way

still a problem id suggest linkage adjustment

no problem id suggest synchro i.e you managed a shift OK with closer alignment of rpm between input and gears
but you can't when you expect the synchro to do that work for you.


one last thing
does this just happen when its cold? if so its a feature not a problem :) my t5 does it and my single rail BW 4 speed does it.

once warmed no problem. the synchros work when the oil is at the right temperature but not so great when its like treacle.

in my admittedly limited "hobby centric experience" Most transmission issues are to do with the shifter or clutch or in remote shift applications worn out transmission mountings. they only progress to be a transmission issue if nothing is done about the initial issue.

one other last thing

it sounds like a new unit so doubt anyone punched it into first so hard as to bend the shift forks