pivot ball alignment

FWIW I had to patch the inner fender because there were extra holes with bonus cracks between them.


I didn't cut anything out, just plug welded a piece over top of it to go from good metal to good metal. I zapped the cracks between those holes a few times before covering them up.


The patch was made out of 18ga steel remainders from some AMD parts I had to "modify" for another car. I added a few more holes in the center of it all and burned it in.


It's strong so that makes it pretty.

The reinforcing plate had two unused large holes and one smaller hole in it, so I plug welded those to the new metal patch.


Caution wet paint.

I gave it a few boinks with a hammer and it didn't fall off so I called it good.

Now if I can get lucky and not need a different z-bar I'll be a happy man.