Do I wait for the 5 speed?

Speaking about many gears;
I ran the A833od with a GearVender behind it and splitting gears, making 7 progressive gears. For a while, I ran it with 4.88s, which, in double over, ran like 2.70s .. But I soon settled on 4.30s, for 65= 1930 rpm.
In the end the 13.28 parade gear was too deep, splitting gears was not as much fun as I'd hoped for, the natural gear splits were just too far apart, and after switching to 3.55s, Seven gears was just too much.
I switched to the Commando gears, and kept the GVod. I very highly recommend the gearsplits I now have, so if you go for a 5-speed, this is what I would look for:

3.09-1.92-1.40-1.00-.78od splits are
.62-.73-.71-.78 But I shift into od after third and into 4th last, making the splits
.62-.73-.78-.71. so these are the splits I would recommend. I wouldn't pay as much attention to the ratios, as I would to the splits.
IMO, 5 gears is more than enough.